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'Sexy Escapades' is 153 pages of HOT, Blood Pumping and exciting sexual stimulation.

My e-books for YOU will have you hot and horny all over. Read ACTION PACKED XXX sex stories to turn you on and take you to a new level of ecstacy.

Even better than giving you lots to read, my e-books to teach you the art of seduction.

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5 Sexy Escapades


  1. PREGNANT BONDAGE: ...her cunt abused and she sucked their cocks...
  2. SEXUAL EXPLOITS ON THE SUBWAY: I am squashed and cornered in my seat by 3 men...
  3. THE HOTTIE ANNA AND THE BAR PICK UP: ...amol nitrate and mind blowing ORGASMS...
  4. KITTY:... Kitty is hot to show you all the secrets she has at her big wide open house on Sunday...
  5. SEXUAL ROMANCE: ...The perfect wife, woman or girlfriend. I miss you darling and I love you so much. I really, really do love you...
  6. PUMP CLASS: ...Toria torments her friend Tiger over the phone regarding pump class at the gym...


Maximise Your Learning Experience;
My Methods Work.
I Will Unleash your Full Potential as a Beast in the Bedroom.
Listen to Audios PLUS Read Visually Stimulating Stories.


“With my proven guide you will learn what you need to know, everything your lover wants you to know, and how to make your experiences something beyond your wildest fantasies. " - Miss Duvel, Author


Dear Friends,

I know how difficult it is to get that desired response from your lover—or to give them that absolutely spot-on reaction that they fantasise about experiencing.

I know because I have been there, wondering if I was performing to their satisfaction. Not knowing if they wanted something more or different.

But I have worked long and hard to discover the answers and uncover the secrets of talking dirty. It can blast your relationship into a new and higher, more spectacular orbit.

Now I Am Going To Share
My Secrets With YOU !

Now, I hear you asking…
"But How?”

You know that there are secret ways, special words and phrases that will bring your lover to unknown heights of passion, but you don’t know what they are.

Well, I do. I know what they are, how they work, what you will need to know AND how to use them. I ASSURE YOU I AM GOING TO TEACH THEM ALL TO YOU. I will show you how you can completely blow your lovers mind… WITHOUT EVER TOUCHING THEM.

No matter what your previous experiences in bed are, you will now be able to discover…

I know that by now, you are saying to me, “Me? Talk like a pornstar in bed? Never!”

Because I have seen the results, done it and heard it from my customers time and time again about how fabulously dirty talk worked for them, I wouldn’t believed it either.

But it will work for you!


"Hi my name is Catherine and let me tell you about my experience with dirty talk and reading dirty stories. Years ago as a happy and very conservative woman I thought I knew everything about my partner. I can assure you that I have tested and tried the dirty talk technique and on many occasions I have seen the response with my current partner and the experience has been awesome, phenomenal actually. I find the whole game of teasing your partner mercilessly highly erotic, exciting and rewarding. It comes back to me time and time again and in abundance as my new boyfriend can not wait to see me again. The look on my lover's face of appreciation and gratitude as his eyes roll back and he saviors every word I have said! It makes me feel so powerful and desirable. As you can imagine this makes sex with him even hotter as his lust radiates from every pore of his body... and I can't believe it! It's all for me. To really pump up our lovemaking I find the dirty stories collection a major bonus to get my creative juices flowing. It helps me immensely to come up with ideas of my own. I also find a short dirty story really gets me in the mood when on occasion I may be floundering. Thanks for helping me recapture a lust once lost."

Catherine Jones.

Perth, Australia xXx

You really have only 2 choices here:

LayingYou can take the slow, arduous path to learning some of these secrets, trying them a few at a time over the life of your relationship and hope that they are willing to hang around long enough to see if they all work…

OR, You can take my shortcut. Let me do all the leg work and You reap all the glory and you can have it right now.

I am showing YOU the path to that shortcut RIGHT NOW !

I’ll let you in on the first secret free of charge:

Dirty TalkMen and women are hardwired completely different when it comes to sex.
Women are pleasers. They want the slow, subtle passionate build up. They love the game, the chase, and the successful culmination of it all.
Men are about the immediate satisfaction. The Now! They want to feel good and think they are doing the same for you.
They are fixers and they want to do it all now and all RIGHT.
They are truly mostly clueless when it comes to romance
What women need is to be able to give men that “Now” while making him want to give you the passion and build up. You need to control them and let them think it’s their idea.

"Your short stories are amazing and fantastic. You are a very talented erotic writer and I can see by reading your short stories collection that you will have men drooling. Especially if they have a little read on their computers before they even get home".

Christine Clarke

Sydney, Australia

I can make that happen for you.

It’s Easy to be Both!

So Who Am I ?

I am Victoria Duvel and I want to entertain and enlighten you. I have worked in the adult literature, internet marketing and recruitment industry for over 20 years. Starting when I was 19, on the Gold Coast, where I honed my skills with a top advertising agency for over 12 years. I learned a lot about what people look for and what they will and won't buy. But I needed more data. From OZ I went to Spain and then Bali. For over 20 years I worked in marketing and outside public relations, catering to every niche in the markets I could find. From there I began to branch out on my own, going first to New Zealand and then Australia once again where I began to collect my own stable of girls for story telling and fantasy fulfilment over the phone and online. I have marketed adult material from other publishers and I also write for clients in the USA, Europe and Australia and every time zone in between who would like to read these stories.

I now produce my own wares for the internet market.

My E-Books cater to those who have seen what is out there and are unsatisfied with the trite and redundant platitudes that abound in the market today.

Chapters: 1-9 Cruel To Be Kind

A Step By Step Story Guide to Slave Training "Mean Mistress Duvel".

100 Pages Of Awesome Tales, Fetish Fantasies & Role-Plays

    Sex SlaveLucky Coin
  1. The DOMINATRIX gets off on beating her lover with a whip and violating his bottom.
  2. Soft sensual beautiful Catherine.
  3. Slap happy sex slave must submit to mean Mistress Duvel's whims.
  4. Sissy Chrissie no holds barred and will do anything her Mistress demands - Roleplay.
  5. Hair Pulling Fetish. One lucky coin, the Movie Star and the vagabond fucking in the alleyway.
  6. LESBIANS. Hi I am Michelle and I am Lacey, I'd just like to say that we are very close - Roleplay.
  7. Hand it to the MiLF
  8. Lipstick Domination.
  9. Root me, USE ME, take advantage of me! In every hole possible! Triple penetration.

Chapters: 10-18 Erotic Bedtime Stories
119 Pages of Magnificent Reading



10.The Secret to meeting and TORMENTING a woman.
11. Auto Erotica: HITCH HIKERS get it on with their driver
12. Bound, tortured, tickled and teased.
13. Sexting in a crowd: Keep you partner stimulated over dinner.
14. Blaise's sexercises on her bike torturing her neighbour.
15. Grocery shopping: How to pick up women in the supermarket.
16. The fetish party. My name is Sharon and I serve my husband.
17. One night: Oscar, Darren and the scruffy street kid.
18. The search 1,2,3, frisked, fondled and ... ?

A Fantastic Insight 67 Pages!

MOUNTIANS ABOVE VALLEYS BELOW "Dating Secrets That Every Woman Expects you to Know But Refuses to Tell you"

Here's how to take advantage of this special opportunity…M&VNow I know this book is not for everyone but I am not forgetting about all you single guys out there who have not got a partner. These are vital tips and tools you will need to know.
Not only find that special person BUT to read the signs and signals to make sure you have the best opportunity to seal the deal so to speak
and she will never forget YOU

Do you know what you need to date a woman? The best way to approach her? What is she looking at when you approach? What does she want?

In “Mountains Above, Valleys Below” you will find the answers to these questions and more:

You will learn the 4 things you absolutely MUST have if you are going to try and turn women on. You’ll discover techniques and secrets for getting over that initial approach stage fright.

  • You will learn the secrets locked in our DNA that make body language crucial to communication even if you don’t know you’re doing it
  • I know you say you have had this trouble since you first discovered women.
  • You believe that they are a mystery you can never unravel. Believe me when I say women feel the same about men…It’s true. We are all just looking for that special connection that will be 'IT'. I CAN and will help you make THAT come true, I am confident of that!


'The Secrets to Tormenting Women'
'Grocery Shopping -


Grab a Copy Today…

You will be happy with
"Mountains Above, Valleys Below"
or any other book for that matter. GET reading now by clicking on the
red lips below to go through to the free stories section.


Amazing Content 77 Pages Of “Dirty Talk".
The Ultimate Secrets of Erotic Bedroom Talk

Dirty Talk


Will teach you everything you need to know about mastering your man and keeping him happy:

This is learning to communicate with him in a whole new language, on a new level, a deeper level and neither you or your man will ever regret it.
All of this and so much more is revealed by me for your satisfaction. After a few dirty talk experiences the two of you will be wondering how did you ever get along without it.

It’s an APHRODISIAC...totally natural... uses no drugs or toys... it's more effective than any physical substance because YOUR VOICE goes straight into HIS BRAIN! I tell you right now there is no more powerful means to stiffen a man into eager rock-hard potency than your dirty words erotically spoken!

I will
Demonstrate the art of entering into the playful, fun-loving dirty talk state of mind.
Once you're there everything just flows, you are now in the DIRTY TALKING zone and neither of you will ever regret it.

I will
Exert the power of talking dirty and your lovemaking will become so uninhibited and fulfilling you will reach a higher plane together.
Face it, conversation is not one-sided. You will know the words to get the message across. Finally, you will know the hot sexy-dirty-turn-on-words, and they are explosive in their impact!
He will think you have been reading his mind as you say the exact words and phrases he has been longing to hear all his life. ALSO included is a few role-play steamy stories to help set the mood.

  1. Dirty Talk roleplay: The Introduction Game.
    'Sexting': Foreplay in a Crowd.
  2. Grocery Shopping : How to Pick up Women in the Supermarket.
  3. Jessie and Simon (The Secrets to Tormenting Women).


'The Ultimate Secrets of Erotic Bedroom Talk' and 'Mountain Above Valleys Below'; I am sure you will enjoy at only $9.95 each. All the books are fun and I have proved it already by giving you so many pages of FREE reading in the Victoria Duvel website.

Dirty Talk Picture

I know you will have no reason whatsoever not to
enjoy this great collection worth a skimpy $69.95 and under. The stories in the Duvel site have powerful tips that you can use to enhance your sex life RIGHT now.

In essence, I've eliminated all the risk of buying the books and audios already. Read the books and give women earth-shattering orgasms, a tease, a massage and a tickle. There are tons of ideas available on my Services-Page and also view the Dice-Page for neat ways to play sex games. It's as simple as that! 


Get the total dirty talk collection packed with pages of horny ideas to open YOUR mind and get you started on YOUR sexual adventure right now.

AUDIO Pack: 6

Choose From the Below Steamy Erotic Role-Play Audios Wow!

Passionate Powerful NAUGHT FUN. 25-30 Minutes per audio of PULSATING MENTAL and VERBAL STIMULATION TRAINING.

Pump Book Horney Conrad

Learn how to roleplay by listening to these AUDIOS and then start to practice with your partner. Create your OWN private erotic collection.

This will keep your man on edge and dedicated to you FOREVER !!! EASY TO READ SCRIPTS you can incorporate into your sex life. When you are ready to add that element of surprise to your love making give him the biggest delight of all
These game ideas are seriously good fun ways to create different identities, take a step out of your everyday regular personsa and become The Fantasy He's Always Dreamed Of.

Come daring and SPRUCE up your sex life.

  • Toria torments her friend Tiger over the phone regarding pump class at the gym.
  • NYMPHOMANIC Nurse Nancy likes to take all the patient’s vital signs.
  • The sexy secretary walks in on Mr Humphries and Shelia and is forced to participate.
  • The very naughty schoolgirl and Mr Smith.
  • Horny Conrad just cannot keep it in his pants on the dance floor.
  • Train trips to heaven. I can't wait for my next ride!
  • HERE

    Subway Ebook

    ENJOY: )

    The Naughty School Girl and Mr. Smith
    You are the bad after hour tutor who is visiting my house to give private lessons. I have been such a bad girl at school that detention was just not sufficient. My parents have gone out and have agreed to your coming over. You have been highly recommended by the school as a safe, efficient and respectable man. As a qualified teacher they are quite happy to leave me in your care... The arrival of the teacher : Knock. On arrival I will address you as Mr. Smith (or the name of your choice), you will take a seat and hand me some pocket money stating that it should be used to buy myself a treat for being a good girl. "Oh, thank you Mr. Smith, I will be a very good girl for you" I reply. "But Mr. Smith, instead of doing homework, can we play a game of snakes and
    ladders?" I ask. "Yes, of course we can little girl" you reply. I stand up and go to retrieve the board game. Bending over you notice my cute little bum, white cotton knickers and white matching sports bra, tight blouse, and a very short school skirt indeed. Oh my god, you think as you feel your manhood start to twitch slightly, straining on your tight long trouser pants… she is so adorable! Returning to take a seat I then proceed to show you how to play the game. Now, in this game of snakes and ladders the snake always goes up the 'ladder' (my purple knee high fishnet socks) and into the garden; when the dice lands I will say "truth or dare", dare me to do something to you or truth, you can ask me something perverted. Games are great fun and an awesome build up to an explosive session. Foreplay, resistance and temptation! If in the event you cannot contain yourself do not be dismayed, the game continues, your mission being to provide your partner with all the orgasms he/she desires. Now if the dice lands on 'take a shot', I'm sure we all know where the target is!
    ( Ladies turn) Hmmmm, you can imagine what doors that opens; spank me, caress me, do the most unthinkable things to me please Mr. Smith, I so want to be a good girl and get an A grade at school.

    The Sex Secretary
    Prologue: On arriving back at the office (Your apartment/house ) your secretary (Heidi or the name of your choice) tells you she has a list of things that need to be picked up. In your office you hand her a few notes from the petty cash tin and advise that you wish to see her, in your office, when she returns. 'Yes Mr. Blue, (or the name of your choice) I expect to be back in an hour or so". She departs. Since your only employee has gone out, you finally have some free time on your hands and decide to have some fun, watching a porno seems like a fantastic idea and a bit of relief is just what you need to ease away the tensions of the day. After a refreshing shower you than proceed to push play on the VCR. With porno playing and stiff manhood in hand you apply the KY, massaging it firmly but tenderly onto your rock hard, beautiful tool slowly as it rises to the occasion.
    Administering long, slow, expert strokes you reflect on knowing how lucky you are to have such a sweet, sexy assistant; you imagine what fine buttocks are hidden beneath that tight grey pin striped business skirt she has on today and the tight fitting see through blue, black blouse, her sexy underclothing reveled slightly as you remember looking down her gorgeous cleavage.
    The arrival of the :secretary : Suddenly she is there! You look up; Heidi is standing at the door. Shocked she turns away apologizing profusely. "Oh my Mr. Blue I am ever so sorry, so sorry, I needed to check something that isn't too clear on the list". Her eyes are glued to your majestic member, unable to tear herself away from the site of her boss, sitting there with erection in hand! Heidi is overwhelmed. "Mr. Blue, oh my goodness, I am so sorry, please forgive me", she says, still unable to move. Mr. Blue tries to explain but is lost for words. Collecting herself Heidi states "Mr. Blue, I must tell you something, as a matter of fact I have always fancied you. I have fantasized about you for so long now. I really want to stay, please, can I stay? I know you may be otherwise engaged but I want you desperately. Is there any possibility I could help, assist you in any way?" Heidi standing there looking deliciously edible, what man could resist an invitation like that? You go on to humiliate your partner playfully, verbally then she proceeds to black mail him during the sexual act for a pay raise... ... ... ... Games are FUN fun fun

    Nymphomaniac Nurse Nancy
    Prologue: You have arrived at the private clinic for your check up (my apartment) complaining of an itch in the lower region. Due to recently becoming single you have been out enjoying your new found freedom. The Patient : You enter the consultation room and take a seat at the table. It's hard to relax around Nurse Nancy, especially given the way this girl looks! After paying your doctors fee Nurse Nancy proceeds to collect her medical bag. Bending over to retrieve the case, her short, tight white uniform slides ever so sexually up her long slender thighs, reveling all of her glorious assets. Wow you think, as your member suddenly stands to attention. Nancy leaves nothing to the imagination! How could any man contain himself in the presence of such a
    sensational women? White fish net stocking trail up long, tanned legs to beautiful, tight, toned buttocks merging with a striking, bright, red g-string! Comfortable nursing shoes and cute hat complete the outfit. Returning, she puts her case on the table and opens the medical bag pulling out a syringe then proceeds to fill the vessel with KY which is necessary to help with the examination; unavoidably she can't help but notice the action elsewhere. Trying to restrain herself she checks your heart beat, but, as temperatures rise temptations are too much. Nancy leans forward to tenderly nibble on your nipples a little harder now she is sucking, tormenting… "Nancy", you request weakly, "please stop, stop it now", as your last ounce of resistance drains away. Your pulse is rising as things heat up. She needs to check the afflicted area before deciding whether to admit you upstairs to the private bed facilities. She wraps her blood-pressure band around your manhood and starts pumping,checking the gauge occasionally; containing the evil instrument in her tight grasp is quite a chore and she can think of better placers to put it. "Remove your trousers Mr. White, and bend over the chair at once, I must take your temperature" Nurse Nancy demands. Taking the necessary sanitary precautions her thermometer is slowly inserted into the most delicate place. By this time you are quite excited and it is obviously showing that you are wickedly sick. Wearing plastic gloves she kneels to relieve some of your obvious tension, working the lubrication all around the lower region, massaging gently. Nancy is very professional, discreet and hygienic, but, this nurse is naughty and it is quite clear that she thoroughly enjoys her work; client satisfaction and service are obviously Nancy's highest prerogative. Finally after some slow administrations it is decided that you will stay. "Mr. White", she says, "please go upstairs, shower and lay on the bed. You need further attention. Myself and doctor dirty (strap on) will be up shortly. Make sure you are comfortable and laying belly down with your bottom in the air. This examination will be long and very, very thorough. Thank you Mr. White".

    Chapters: 19-27

    Big Beautiful Stories for Every Taste.

    108Pages of Hot Self Pleasuring Material

      The Doctor

    A little shy to tell your partner your secret fetish or fantasy, Let me help YOU.

    I have created a collection of fetishes and fantasies for you to read and incorporate in the bedroom and the privacy of your own home

    Do away with manuals ONLY. Try the complete dirty talk system all worked out and in live voice format. Instant gratification for the men and quick, exciting, fun, with a stimulating build up for the ladies. There's never been ANYTHING like this on the market before. Dirty AUDIOS, DIRTY STORIES, FETISHES, FANTASIES and ...“Talking Dirty the Manual: The Ultimate Secrets of Erotic Bedroom Talk.”

    19. The Gynecologist does more than just 'the usual'; Dr. Ross, PREGNANT Brandy and Nurse Ray.
    20. ADULT Baby loves Mommy. There, There, There Danny.
    Megan and the Cheerleaders. FORCED FIST FUCKED.
    RAPE Club - Shayla, Brad and all his mates.
    23. Public loo HUMILIATION, Pauline's place.
    24. BALL BUSTED Josh. Brandy and Kelly take care of 'that Bastard' REAL GOOD.
    25. TRANNIES fuck a horny girl in the nightclub ladies facilities...hmmmmm.
    26. The very naughty Schoolgirl and Mr. Smith.
    27. Humiliation Maximum: Be punished, you disgust me!

    Chapters: 28-36

    The Short Stories and Sexy Games. Collection of 146 Pages of Riveting Reading.


    28. Be the traditional and always playful French Maid Ashlee and the Businessman.
    29. The Good Cop and The Bad Cop. Nasty Cops! INTERROGATION sessions.
    30. INCESTUOUS family fun. More than just the average loving family. Hot Mummy, James and Hector let's party.
    fun with Bob and Laura.
    31. NYMPHOMANIC Nurse Nancy likes to take ALL the patient's vital signs.
    32. Horny Conrad Steel just cannot keep it in his pants on the dance floor.
    33. The SEXY Secretary walks in on Mr. Humphries and Shelia and is forced to participate.
    34. D-lite to entertain you. SEX drugs and Roll n Roll.
    Eating Simone. Who said "blondes have more fun"? Big girl fantasy.
    The teacher CANES and is CANED.

    Together this huge package IS worth more than DOUBLE your money,
    DOUBLE your investment. What a fantastic BARGIN, What a DEAL!
    This Erotic Dirty Stories series is yours
    NOW 620 PAGES the complete package!

    Here's The Only Thing To Consider...

    All orders are via email in the contact-me section of my website. Cash deposits into a westpac atm, bank transfers are welcome

    I will email you your audio and book selections via a zip folder within 24 hours. Sorry if any delays

    After downloading you'll be learning from these strategies within just a few minutes and using them to improve your sex life IMMEDIATELY.

    So the only thing left to do is to click on the BUY NOW button…

    Copyright 2010 A 10% portion of proceeds from the sales of these e-book is donated to The Green Peace Foundation to help animals in need.


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    Victoria Duvel's Divine Dirty Secrets.. short story collection,audios and e-books are..... vauled at $9.95each.....................Some
    of these stories are FREE reading in the.... ...Website...x..............................

    Victoria SigKiss KIss

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